I have known Andy for the past 29 years. When I was hired at Petaluma Police Department, I immediately recognized Andy as an exceptional role model and mentor. I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside him as a Police Officer and Detective for many, many years. I learned a tremendous amount from Andy and respect his success as a law enforcement Trainer, Police Sergeant, Bureau Supervisor and Bureau Chief of Investigations. Andy has investigative and administrative skills that are exceptional and his work product consistently reflects these attributes. I know a lot of law enforcement professionals who have worked closely with Andy as a subordinate, colleague and/or supervisor. I have never met a single one who did not share remarkable praise for the type of man Andy is. I take great pride in admitting that I have always looked up to Andy as an example of excellence; not only in a professional vein, but also insofar as his personal life and his commitment to family and friends. Andy is one of the most thoughtful, considerate and loyal persons I have ever known.

— Matthew Stapleton,
Sonoma County District Attorney Investigator
Lieutenant, Petaluma Police Dept. (Ret.)