It is my immense pleasure to recommend one my most respected colleagues, Andy Mazzanti. As someone who has shared the professional industry space with Mr. Mazzanti, I have found his intelligence, diligence, and honesty exceeded most every other member of our peer group.

I came to know Mr. Mazzanti within the professional association some 10 years ago, while sharing our membership within ATAP (Association of Threat Assessment Professionals). I found Mr. Mazzanti to be a stand-out among the fellow members, as well as one of the most prepared and dedicated members of the Association. His ability as a leader to other Investigators and confidence in the subject matter of Threat Assessment had brought him praise, not just from me, but from his fellow peer group.

This individual exhibits some of the most critical characteristics expected from a seasoned Investigator, such as commitment to a case, communication within his Investigative network, and the fortitude to see his case through. I have strong confidence that Mr. Mazzanti will be one of the most successful and competent Investigators within any chosen field, as his commitment and dedication to the subject matter will ensure a positive outcome.

It is my pleasure to know him as an Investigator and rely on his counsel.

— John Nobriga,
CEO, Nobriga Enterprises, LLC