Jim Wesson

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Andy Mazzanti. I’ve known Andy since 1983 where we spent several years working together at the Petaluma Police Department. One of the things I immediately think of when I hear Andy’s name is the word “tenacity.” From the time I supervised him at the patrol level, through supervising him in the narcotics unit, and ultimately having him work with me as a private investigator; I have never seen anyone as talented when it comes to gathering quality information. Andy has an ability to immediately stabilize a situation, make those he is in contact with feel comfortable, and gather quality information, which most investigators sometimes struggle with. I truly believe Andy has a God-given talent to investigate and I don’t say that lightly.

As far as an individual, there are two words that come to mind when I think about Andy; “compassion and integrity.” Andy is one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever worked with and everything he does exudes this part of his character. His integrity is beyond reproach; I’ve watched him conduct investigations, testify in court, counsel people who are having personal problems, and perform training for colleagues. From my standpoint, this is where Andy excels. Andy is well rounded in his life experience and this gives him and ability to empathize with most in a multitude of situations.

I know Andy is embarking on a new territory in the private sector and sometimes that is difficult for us who mainly have our experience in public safety. I would highly recommend Andy for anything he aspires to do because of the character traits he possesses; he will always consider his clients first. In my opinion, you will not find a better individual or professional to work with.

— Jim Wesson
CEO, J.D. Wesson & Associates, Inc.

Clark Sheppard

I will keep this short and to the point. Andy is one of the finest men I’ve ever met. When we worked together in law enforcement, I knew he “had my back”. He’s one of the most honest, hard working, and decent men I’ve ever known and it was an honor to have worked with him.

— Clark Sheppard
Retired Airline Captain

Matthew Stapleton

I have known Andy for the past 29 years. When I was hired at Petaluma Police Department, I immediately recognized Andy as an exceptional role model and mentor. I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside him as a Police Officer and Detective for many, many years. I learned a tremendous amount from Andy and respect his success as a law enforcement Trainer, Police Sergeant, Bureau Supervisor and Bureau Chief of Investigations. Andy has investigative and administrative skills that are exceptional and his work product consistently reflects these attributes. I know a lot of law enforcement professionals who have worked closely with Andy as a subordinate, colleague and/or supervisor. I have never met a single one who did not share remarkable praise for the type of man Andy is. I take great pride in admitting that I have always looked up to Andy as an example of excellence; not only in a professional vein, but also insofar as his personal life and his commitment to family and friends. Andy is one of the most thoughtful, considerate and loyal persons I have ever known.

— Matthew Stapleton,
Sonoma County District Attorney Investigator
Lieutenant, Petaluma Police Dept. (Ret.)

Ed Hudson

Andy is one of the most thorough, empathetic and passionate leaders I have ever known. Andy can continually be counted on to bring an eye for detail and an enthusiasm that is rare in todays work world. I highly recommend Andy for any position where an organization needs strong, compassionate and decisive leaders.

— Ed Hudson, CISM
Information Security Director at California State University, Chancellor’s Office
Supervising Investigator, Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office (Ret.)

John Nobriga

It is my immense pleasure to recommend one my most respected colleagues, Andy Mazzanti. As someone who has shared the professional industry space with Mr. Mazzanti, I have found his intelligence, diligence, and honesty exceeded most every other member of our peer group.

I came to know Mr. Mazzanti within the professional association some 10 years ago, while sharing our membership within ATAP (Association of Threat Assessment Professionals). I found Mr. Mazzanti to be a stand-out among the fellow members, as well as one of the most prepared and dedicated members of the Association. His ability as a leader to other Investigators and confidence in the subject matter of Threat Assessment had brought him praise, not just from me, but from his fellow peer group.

This individual exhibits some of the most critical characteristics expected from a seasoned Investigator, such as commitment to a case, communication within his Investigative network, and the fortitude to see his case through. I have strong confidence that Mr. Mazzanti will be one of the most successful and competent Investigators within any chosen field, as his commitment and dedication to the subject matter will ensure a positive outcome.

It is my pleasure to know him as an Investigator and rely on his counsel.

— John Nobriga,
CEO, Nobriga Enterprises, LLC

Tony Gillotte

I have known and worked with Andy Mazzanti for almost seventeen years. Andy has always been tenacious, comprehensive and diligent in his work. At no time have I ever had reason to doubt his devotion to his tasks and positions he has held. Andy has treated citizens and co-workers with the utmost respect. I think his respect of other’s feelings and well being his is personal trademark. Andy has a broad range of experience that he utilizes and which contributes to his success. When you meet Andy for the first time, it is though you have known him for many years. He is friendly, outgoing and upfront without being confrontational. Andy’s integrity is evident in his work product.

— Tony Gillotte,
Captain, Novato Police Department (Ret.)
Chief, Bureau of Investigations, Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office (Ret.)