Hello and welcome to our website. We want you to know that throughout my career and also in business, I have worked hard to remain true to my personal values of integrity, tenacity, collaboration, professionalism, expertise, experience and respect – all for the ultimate purpose of providing ethical and effective service to others.

Having served nearly 30 years in law enforcement as a street cop, police investigator and supervisor, I bring a broad and deep level of experience and unique perspective. This is what allows us to offer such a diverse range of services. Mid-career, I left the police department and served as a District Attorney Investigator and supervisor. I was ultimately selected as a Chief Criminal Investigator in Napa County – one of only 58 such positions statewide.

During my tenure with the District Attorney’s Office, I specialized in the areas of threat assessment, witness and executive protection, physical security, investigation and review of fatal incidents — and I was a member of multi-disciplinary threat assessment teams. My experience in the District Attorney’s office afforded me the opportunity to gain deep perspective on the inner workings of the courts, probation, parole, corrections and victim services. I have also planned many security operations and events. I have been very fortunate to have worked with many great people including managers, peers and those from other agencies. I managed a staff of up to 40 employees, including volunteer, civilian, and sworn personnel.

As a detective and a manager I have investigated cases of all types ranging from homicides, suspicious deaths, officer-involved fatal incidents, drug cases, serious assaults, sex crimes, crimes against children, gang investigations, arson, fraud, public corruption, theft, weapons cases, domestic violence, and kidnapping — to public nuisance crimes. I conducted many employee misconduct investigations, including criminal behavior, harassment, threats and more.

Upon an honorable service retirement, I founded a private investigations and security consulting business with a strong emphasis on pre-employment background checks, worker’s compensation, corporate and civil case investigations. I am fortunate to have been recognized for professionalism, tenacity, and thorough investigative work by clients, peers, and outside agencies.

security detail at a Golden Globes after party

security detail at a Golden Globes after party

In addition to investigative work, I have also had the unique experience of providing security at various high-profile events, including a Golden Globe Awards after-party attended by many high-profile celebrities, the grand opening of Cartier Jewelers in San Francisco, High-Level Executive Protection, a UCLA Jewelry Exhibition and fundraiser at Coppola Winery, a Jewelry Show at Shreve and Company and I have led teams through security event planning. Though not typical of my usual body of work, I was honored to be selected for these teams.

In order to build on my existing skills and fulfill a longtime personal goal, I returned to college after retirement and obtained a Master’s degree in counseling psychology. I served counseling internships in both a Post-Traumatic Stress program for first responders and also in a large group home for at-risk young men. My education and experience in the area of counseling psychology has provided me with specific skills and unique perspective for work in the area of adoption and family law.

During my career, I was fortunate to receive awards and significant recognition for leadership, professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to my profession. I have a well-proven reputation as a collaborator and I recognize the synergistic power of teamwork and strong partnerships, especially with my clients and other stakeholders. I attribute much of my success to the investment others have made in my life.

From my perspective, strong interpersonal skills are perhaps one of my most notable traits and I have developed a robust network of professional relationships; I can call upon these as a resource when needed and I learn much from these interactions. They also form the basis for substantial professional referrals when clients can be better served by another expert or service provider. You can trust us in partnering with you during your current difficulty!